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Web Developer Fox Sticker

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Product Description

It is the most cutest way to design your favorite things, be it a computer, laptop, doors, windows, or your desk! The combination of a fox with glasses and a computer creates the right expression that developers aren’t always serious all the time. They, too, like memes, cracking jokes, and love to go out with friends & family. 

This web developer fox sticker creates a unique way to design your space. Whether you want it for yourself or friends/family, we offer a crazy discount on it! 

  • A kiss cut sticker creates the main design of the sticker to pop out without any extra space-occupying.
  • Two options for you to choose from- with a white background or transparent.
  • Creates a unique & creative design to glorify your space at home or office.
  • The creative combination of fox & developing makes us feel that everything is just fine and cut.

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    • For Indoor Use
    • Not Waterproof

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