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Software Tester vs Developer White Coffee Mug - thefunnydeveloper
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Software Developer White Coffee Mug - thefunnydeveloper

Tester vs Developer - 11oz Mug

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Product Description

Did you ever struggle to work with testers? Endless bugs need to be fixed, and most of them are not small ones, but we are losing it when it comes to the smallest bug we are losing! This Tester vs. Developer mug is going to blow your mind!

How many memes did you see on this, probably thousands, but how many mugs did you know about it? Well, you are welcome! The  Two Sides of the mug reflects the classic relationship of a developer vs. tester.

Without a second thought, you can gift this mug to all testers and developers you know. It fulfills the need for coffee/tea/hot chocolate whenever any developer or tester needs by his side, especially during coding or testing time.

  • Funny classic joke about the relationship of developers and testers expressed in a classic meme design!
  • The perfect size of the mug for the right amount of any warm drink.
  • While sipping tea or coffee, the testers work more dedicatedly for their clients.
  • High-quality ceramic material mugs with strong handles allow you to sip your drink with confidence.

    Outside Dimensions

    • White ceramic
    • C-handle
    • Height, in 3.75
    • Diameter, in 3.15

    Inside Dimensions

    • 11 oz (0.33l)
    • Rounded corners

    Maintenance of the product

    • Clean in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.

    Shipping Details:

    • United States FREE SHIPPING
    • Rest of the world Standard Shipping only 3$
    • 1-2 weeks for delivery. Express Shipping

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